Get Excited Its Date Night: My Top 3 Date Night Ideas

I love date nights, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. Sometimes though it can get tricky on what things to do together especially after you have been together for some time so why not go back to basics.

Here are some of my oldy but goody date night ideas.

Cooking Together

Cooking is love made visible.

The reason I love cooking together for a date night is simply because it affords you and your partner time to really get to know one and another and talk. With no distraction it really gives you the time to speak whilst having fun whipping up a culinary dish. I find cooking with your partner requires a lot of communicating, ‘darling can you chop up the onion?’, ‘babe the pot is burning on the stove’. Ha ha ha.

Cooking together can also be super romantic and with a little music it can be even more intimate. Just imagine the aroma filling the kitchen with you and your partners cooking. It can be quiet exciting and fun.

It also really allows you the opportunity to collaborate on something together, to work as a team. You will both get great satisfaction and happiness coming from the knowledge that you were able to work together and create something tasty.

The ultimate and primarily goal really is to have a good time and make something beautifully delicious.

A Picnic

You bring your own weather to the picnic.

Much like cooking together picnics are a fantastic way to spend time with your partner. Whilst enjoying the beautiful natural scenic views you will both be surrounded by you can catch up and talk.

Why not pack your favourite foods and drinks and some games that you can play together. This gives you a chance to bond and have fun. You will find as a relationship grows and the years pass by the more demanding life gets and having fun quickly gets swollen up by the pressures of life.

Research shows though that having fun together is such a crucial part of any relationship and can greatly contribute to you happiness so why not have fun on a summers day in the park with a picnic.

 Drinks at a Bar

Drink and dance and shine together.

Okay this is totally different from my other 2 suggestions. I love this because well it involves drinking lol. Who doesn’t enjoy a nice glass of white wine or a cocktail and in your handsome gentlemen’s case a brandy or beer.

It is a known fact that alcohol lows your inhibitions and can really loosen you both up ensuring you focus on letting go and just allowing yourself to be free with that person.  Enjoy a nice chilled atmosphere with a bit of music in the background  find a nice quiet corner enjoy some bar food stare at each other a dark (sometimes candlelit room) and talk over a drink. Ahhhh perfect!



Let me know your top 3 date night ideas. Comment below.

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