White Shirt and Why I Love Them

“I love white shirts because they feel like a security blanket… You can wear them with anything.” – Carolina Herrara

I echo her sentiments exactly.


As women we have a lot of clothes and most often than not we feel that we never have enough clothes but I’m here to tell you that you can and will feel like you have enough. How? 

In recent times a lot of bloggers have spoken about have a capsule closet and I think it’s a great idea having just declottered my wardrobe. I am able to see what I have and what I really need and with a few staple items you can  still look current, sexy, stylish and classy.

Next on my list of staple items is a white shirt. Why? White shirts are a classic. They can be paired with anything. You can name me any style and I can show you how a white shirt can be worked into it. A white shirt bounces light upwards brightening up our face and making us look youthful. 

Lets face it a white shirt will never go off season. During the summer you can wear it on its own, short sleeved and made of a light material. In winter you can wear it underneath a cute jumper.


It is vert important to buy a white shirt that fits. Not any white shirt will do. You want a shirt that fits you perfectly. Not to clingy and not to baggy. You want a white shirt to bridge the gap between business to casual. White shirts are also becoming dressy. No longer do you have that plain boring white shirt but  you can get a white shirt with embroidery, different cuts and lengths. So if you haven’t got one yet go and get your first one now.


A few things to note when choosing the perfect white shirt:

  1. Seaming 
  2. Material 
  3. Structured Collar
  4. Shirttail 

For me Victoria Beckham has been one of my style icons and has always known how to wear a white shirt well. Check out a few of her great combos below. 






So now you should have 2 staple items in your closet.

  1. A great pair of leggings (check out my last Weekly Wednesday Tip here).
  2. A well fitting white shirt.

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