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I want to start of by saying how appreciative of everyone who has taken the time to check out my website. Seriously cannot express how grateful I am to everyone that has subscribed, who have liked, comment and shared my posts.

I thought for this Sunday blog I would share a little more about me. My aim is to make my website as interactive as possible. So if you ever want to ask me a question just send me a message via Instagram, Facebook or even comment on one of my posts and I will respond.

Anyho I digress lets get to the nitty gritty and divide right in.

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What is My Favourite Colour?

My favourite colour was black for the longest time. Simply because well black goes with everything but now I would say orange. And not just any orange. Its that deep, hearty vibrant orange. See below. I have said that the day I get married that colour will definitely have to be incorporated into my wedding.

How Tall Am I?

5.4 inches. Short and sweet.

Do I Prefer Cats or Dogs?

When I was younger it would have been hands down a cat but now I realise dogs are loyally and I would really love one of those teacup dogs. I mean come on. How cute are they?

Teapot Dog, My favourite.

What is My Favourite Drink?

Give me a nice glass of white pinot or a cocktail and I will be happy.

What is My Favourite Animal?

With any doubt my favourite animal is an elephant. They are such majestic creatures. They have immense strength and leadership but they are also caring and loving mammals. I could watch them all day.

Favourite Perfume?

Currently my favourite perfume is Roberto Cavalli.

The bottle is so simple but has bags of characteristics. When I wear the fragrance I feel confident but sexy.

Favourite Movie?
Do I Have Any Siblings?

Yes a brother and sister.

Do I Speak A Language Aside From English?

No. I would love to learn Spanish.

Favourite Restaurant?

Guacho because of the decor and Yakatcha for the food. I really want to go to Bob Bob Ricard.

Favourite TV Show

Too many to name. The list is long but I love Queen Sugar, Chicago PD and Fire, The Good Doctor.

PC or Mac

I have never used a Mac so I will have to say a PC.

Iphone or Andriod

Really cant pick. I love both but currently I have a Samsung.

Whats My Fashion Sense?

My dominate style – Avante Garde

My combination style – Classic

I took this quiz a while a go and found it so accurate. Its from a site called Visual Therapy check it out.

Who is My Style Icon?

Tracee Ellis Ross

Victoria Beckham

Zoe Saldana

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