Weekly Wednesday Must Have Staple Item – Leggings (1)

Hi Guys and Girls,

I know I have been missing for a few months now (my bad!), please insert hand over eyes emojii. Life has just been super busy. I know! I know, I have neglected you all but I am back and in full force and I decided today I am keeping it real casual for you guys.

All Joke Aside…

See what I did there…no well okay shall we just divide straight in to it then. I don’t know about you but as much as I like to dress up in a sexy dress sometimes I just want comfort. What you ask do I find most comfortable to wear out aside from jogging bottoms…drumroll – leggings. Why you ask? Well because there can be super cosy but oh so stylish.

Yes You Heard Right

Yes I said it. Stylish! Comfortable + Sexy = Leggings. How do I come up with that equations.

Well the reason I love leggings so much is because if styled correctly they can be chic and fashionable and completely acceptable to wear in public. Moreover, they are mold able so no mater what your shape is they will work with you when dressed correctly.

Whether its worn under a dress, or perhaps tucked into your boots, or even with a cute top leggings having been around since the 1980’s are all over magazine covers and catwalks because they simple but appealing.

Some Things to Think About

There are a few things I would suggest though to think about before buying any ole leggings and to in a bid to achieve the perfect fit and look.

  1. Material – You really want to be thinking the purpose of the leggings. For instance its crucial to think about the kind of material because no one wants to see the booty guys not even if you have been putting those extra hours in the gm. So say no to it being see-through.
  2. Sizing – Leggings are sized more in small, medium and large. So it really depends on the brand you decide to buy so shop wisely.
  3. Comfort – I would suggest always trying on leggings before buying. Now I know its not something most women do but its so important. It helps you see if its too tight/ itchy and what type of material it is.
How I Pair My Leggings

I usually tend to pair my leggings with white shirt tied to the waist. I can wear it with trainers to achieve a nice casual look and may ear my leather or jeans jacket.

Another look is to wear it with a tee and a nice jacket and some heels to achieve an easy going but sexy level.

Well I hope you learned something today. Comment and let me know if like this post and I will try and do a Weekly Wednesday Must Have Staple Item plus another blog every Sunday. x

Leggings Sexy and Casual

Leggings Sexy and Casual by the7inchwalker featuring cuff pants

ASOS Curve women s plus size jegging
£45 – asos.com

Stretchy pants
£66 – bananarepublic.gap.com

Sanctuary pants
£66 – anthropologie.com

High waisted jegging
£45 – shopakira.com

Missguided legging pants
£41 – missguidedus.com

Splendid cuff pants
£60 – net-a-porter.com

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