Some Things Before 40


In my 30 plus years I have achieved a lot, travelled to places most only dream off, seen and eaten a variety of things but there is still so much to experience.

I love life, I believe God created this world so we could experience it to the fullest extent within the remits he sets.

So below is a few other things I would love to achieve before my 40th birthday.

The Never Ending List

1. Go on a cruise

2. Get married

3. Learn a new language

4. Go see Ed Sheeran in concert

5. Go see Beyonce in concert

6. Travel alone

7. Learn about wine become a connoisseur.

8. Eat at 10 Michelin restaurants

9. Get a portrait of myself

10. Start a business

11. Buy some stocks Done

(Yes I have some stocks and shares)

12. Overcome a fear

13. See a Broadway play

13. Run a marathon

14. Be debt free of student loans

15. Travel first class

16. Go Thailand

17. Have Korean BBQ

18. Try at least 20 different cuisines (so far I have eaten Jamaican, Turkish, Italian, French, Chinese, Indian, Portugese, Sierra Leonian, Mexican)

19. Learn how to code

20. Own a 3 bedroom house

21. See the Aurora Borealis

22. Go Italy

23 Go New York Done

(I have been to NY twice. It is was one of my favourite places)

24. Cocktail Making Class ✔ Done

(Check out my blog on my cocktial making class at Cocktail Embassy)

25. Do a makeup course ✔ Done

(Yup that is right I have a diploma and I am a qualified MUA)

26. Start my own blog ✔ Done

(Its the one you are reading now lol)

to be continued……

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