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Last year I went to the Stylist Live and although the show as a whole did not blow my mind I was very impressed with the talk that Caroline Hiron gave on skin care. She really helped me to see that our face is one of the most important areas of our body, so it is so important that we look after it.

I don’t know about you all, but I was one of those people who never really gave my face any special attention. I mean I washed it just like I washed the other parts of my body. However, after that talk I was left feeling like I had committed some grave sin. I mean our skin gets a real battering on a daily basis. Think about it, the sun rays, stress, constant makeup application and not to talk about the bad atmosphere. So having a great skin routine is so important.

We all want to look as youthful as possible for as long as possible. Who of us doesn’t feel that inward joy when you tell someone you age and they just cannot believe it. It is a real ego boost.

I cannot lie though, since starting my skin care routine I have fallen victim to laziness on many occasions. I mean I start of with good intentions and then I get home from work and I have so many things to sort out, all I want to do is have a glass of wine or a hot chocolate and some biscuits and curl up on my sofa.

Other nights I would come home from an evening out and grab my face wipes take my makeup and go to sleep. I am sure many of you will relate to that. It is not easy!

After listening to Caroline Hiron talk I realised that I must keep to my regime.

What I Learned

Here is a link to her site. She has a great routine that is easy to follow.

These were my two take away points from her talk:

  1. It is so important to have a morning and nighttime routine. To wash and clean our face. Notice I said wash and clean. These aren’t interchangeable. You need to really clean your face, by taking off all the grime and grease and dirt build up. Like I said above, you won’t imagine the beating our faces go through . So clean your face with a cleanser first then wash your face after and apply a great moisturizer.
  2. Be strict and make sure especially after wearing makeup to take it off properly.

What I Know

One of my favourite products is Micellar water (check out my blog here on the best Micellar water on the market) which many people say is an alternative to face wipes. You can get yourself one from Boots or Superdrugs. I honestly believe it is a lot less harsher on your skin than tap water and also acts as a great cleanser, but don’t stop there. Merely taking off your makeup at night is not enough you need to wash it and hydrate it. So either use a facial wash, cleansing balm or cleansing oil.

Using warm water rather than cold is also a great tip as it is a lot harsher on your skin.

Here is a list of my favourite cleansers:

Bare Minerals – Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil around £18.00

BobbiBrown – Soothing Cleansing Oil around £32.00

L’Oreal Paris – Extraordinary Facial Cleansing Oil around £5.30

Here is a list of my favourite lotions:

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Lotion

I love Cocoa Butter. It contains vitamin E which is a fatty substance it helps to protect our skin from oxidation which is the over exposure of air which causes the skin to dry out and appear dull.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Deep Conditioning Lotion

Can you guess why I love this product? Yup that is right it contains cocoa butter. It really helps to even out my complexion and the natural oils helps to keep my skin to moisturized.


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