What Is In Your Bag?


I love reading other blogs but my favourite blogs are the ones where I get an insight into other peoples lives.

Would you not agree, the best blogs are the ones where you read what your favourite blogger has been up to, where they went on holiday, what their favourite books, places to eat and things to wear are?

So I thought why not give you a glimpse into one aspect of my life and show you what is in my bag.

Like every woman, I have several bags depending on where I am going and what I am doing.  So this glimpse is into my day to day work bag.  Although my other bags are slight variations of what is in my bag below.  ↓

So let me not keep you in suspense any longer and lets take a peek into what kind of things I have in my bag.


What Is In My Bag

1 – Rucksack

So let me start by stating that my bag is more of a rucksack than a bag.  If you read one of my earliest blogs (see here), you will see I have/had scoliosis and so I suffer from almost constant back pain. So for me a rucksack is easier to carry as its spreads the weight.  My actual rucksack is grey and sporty and basic.  I had previously purchased a leather one but it broke and I was gutted. Though it was largely my fault for packing to much in it.

2 – Purse

To be honest I don’t really need a purse because nowadays you have have every card possible on your phone. However, I love having a purse, I feel more womanly and grown up knowing I have a purse and that security blanket, should 4G fail me. I have 2 purses- a small basic one, which I use with smaller bags and a larger everyday purse which has all my cards from my Tesco loyalty card to my Nandos and KFC card.  Yes, I am a self-confessed loyalty card holder, things are not worth buying unless I’m building up points!

3 – Umbrella

Why do i keep an umbrella in my bag? Well I live in England! Nuff said.  With how much it rains in the UK, its best to invest in a good umbrealla, and I do love my umbrella. its burgundy and its reinforced which means when those big gust of winds (which have claimed more than  one or two of my brolly’s) try and claim this one, it can handle itself.

4. Painkiller

I always have a pack of painkillers in may bag. Be it paracetamol or ibuprofen when those dreaded headaches, period pains and back aches threaten I am always prepared – just like a girl scout!

5 – Lipbalm

Carex are one my favourite brands of lip balms. With the often cold weather, my lips use to get dry very quickly until I started using these bad boys. Now even if I do say so myself I think I have soft and smooth lips.

6 – Hand Sanitiser

We leave in a world where sadly many nasty things lurk around especially the common cold, so hand sanitiser is so important to me after touching those handrails, pressing those buttons and and pushing open those doors.

7 – Tampons

Well what can I say, mother nature sometimes doesn’t always come when planned,,, no matter what my app might tell me. So its always good to be prepared.

8 – Hand Cream

I mean who doesn’t want soft silky hands. No one wants to shake a hand that feels rough, I for one don’t want my hands being confused with the hands of a carpenter.

9 – Sewing Kit

I may be the only one who has had a button come loose, or a hem come unravelled so having this little nifty kit in my bag is an essential.

10 – Chewing Gum

It is important to have fresh smelling breath especially after eating those foods that can leave your eyes watering after get a whiff of your own breath.

11 – Mobile Phone

Simply a necessity I mean who now a days can leave home without their phone. I could try, but I would fail.

12 – Tissues

No its not for wiping away my tears, well maybe sometimes, you know after telling or hearing your girlfriends sad heart rendering breakup or may be sharing news of that impending engagement.

13 – Headphones

I have a semi long train journey so I love to watch shows when i am on the go and when I am at work and need to focus, listening to music helps me maintain that focus.

14 – Make Up

I don’t usually wear makeup to work as I am really working on having clear and healthy skin. But there are those days where I am feeling very tired and it shows on my face so that little concealer or foundation comes in handy now and again.

15 – Body spray

I have always loved bath and body works but we don’t have it in the UK sadly. So I stocked up when I went to New York.  I currently have the coconut one alongside the Ted Baker spray in my bag.

16 – Lunch Box

Well a woman needs to eat and the area I work leaves me with very little choice of places to go, so I am now in the habit of making lunch daily.

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