Up and Coming – The Crystal Palace Market

So another Friday means another date night. This time we decided to try somewhere local to us and had heard so many great reviews about the Crystal Palace Market.

I had seen so many people raving primarily about the breakfast from this restaurant but we just haven’t had the time to go their for one of their scrumptious eggs Benedict so we decided dinner would be the next best thing.

First Impressions

The immediate downside to the restaurant was the fact there is really nowhere to park unless you park on side streets which are a little bit away from the restaurant. It wasn’t too bad as I knew the area quiet well and knew where we could park. However to people who didn’t a little bit of driving around would be required to find somewhere to park.

The restaurant was easy to find and was quite busy so you could immediately tell it was popular.

When we arrived there was a queue to get a table but as we had pre booked the waitress kindly showed us to our table.

We were sat near the kitchen and the fresh seafood which suited me perfectly. I had a perfect view watching the talented chefs make their scrumptious food and being an avid seafood lover I was delighted at being able to see the fresh fish and prawns.

The Staff

I found the staff very friendly. Before we even graced the restuarant with our prescence I received a call to confirm I would be attending the booking my reservation. Being a popular restaurant it was obvious if I wasn’t attending someone would gladly take my place.

We were also warmly welcomed by the staff when we did arrive for dinner. The waitress were very friendly and attentive to our needs.

My boyfriend doesn’t eat butter and the cray fish roll he wanted came with a buttery sauce. The waitress spoke to the chef about this and it was agreed they would give him this on the side. Major points.

The Food

The meal itself was lovely.

I went for the whole seabass served with house salad and I got French fries as a side. The fish was well seasoned and the sauce I can’t quite remember what it was but complimented the seabass perfectly. I almost kicked the bowl clean.

A nice glass of chardonnay capped of the meal for me.

What he went for cray fish roll served with house salad he also got a portion of fries on the side. He loved it. My boyfriend is quite picky with his food and is not the biggest seafood lover. He would prefer meat any day. He did however love the roll and drum roll he liked the buttery sauce because it didn’t taste buttery at all. Well done The Crystal Palace Market. 


Funny story we coincidentally ordered the exact same thing the cute couple to the side of us did.

For dessert. I ordered the apple crumble with cinanmon which should have come with vanilla ice cream but my partner kindle asked if I could have it with chocolate which they kindly granted.

I found the apple crumbled very crumbly but a little too sweet and rich for my taste. It boasted homemade feel to it and it did indeed taste homely.

All in all the restaurant was good. They serve an array of food from burgers to fish to your steaks and lamb.

At the end your bill gives you 50% of drinks at the bar if you want to continue your evening.



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