A Sexy Date Night at Sexy Fish


First Impressions

I have always wanted to go to Sexy Fish and the food and reviews had me watering at the mouth literally. Situated in Berkley Street which is quite quickly becoming the epic center of the high end, upmarket and super rich modern British man.

To get a reservation in the restaurant you have to book about 1 to 2 months in advance. My partner and I arranged that we would strike this restaurant of our the list of places that we wanted to try out. (Slowly we are making out way through that long list).



The restaurant from the outside isn’t anything special. It looks similar to almost every other restaurant I have been to. Inside however boasts a completely different feeling. It is very scenic and almost looks like you have enter an aquarium. Surrounded by sculptures of sea life and fish tanks it is simple yet beautiful.



My only complaint is that the tables are way to close together. You cant really have that intimate evening with your partner that you may have intended to have.  We wanted to have some privacy but sadly we felt like a conveyor belt as the booking is also limited to a 2 hour slot. So basically it is a talk quick and eat fast scenario.

That however are my only criticism of the restaurant.

The Food

The food was amazing was a different story. To put it simply it was amazing. Mouthwatering, tasty and sexy.






They don’t have a starter menu. The venue operates almost like a tapas restaurant. You order several dishes and they bring it out for you to share with your guest.


What we had:

Chicken Wings Sancho Salt

Maple Glazed Pork Belly Yuzu Ranch

Yakitori Glazed Baby Chicken (Shredded Leaf Salad, Parmesan)

Isle of Mull Scallops  Jalapeño Sauce, Pickled Green Apple

Cinnamon Doughnuts Chocolate Sauce, Citrus Curd

Black Forest Bomb ( this was the highlight of the night for me it was luxurious and smooth)









This was one the best restaurants I have been to and I highly recommend it. It was expensive but very much worth it.







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