Spring Cleaning is out its all about an Autumn Cleanse

Most people think that spring is normally the time of the year to have a fresh start start.  I’m here to tell you that spring is great but autumn is even better.  Why?

Well, September signifies the beginning of a season and for children the beginning of a new term. Leaves are falling, the new year is fast approaching and you have probably just come back from a relaxing holiday somewhere hot.

Most people make new year resolutions and often find that part way through the year they have failed to keep them. The reason why? Its the same old thing, the excitement that a new year is approaching so you feel like you NEED to make a resolution to eat better, exercise more, start a new job etc. but putting that amount of pressure on yourself is why some people often fail to achieve them. That is why \I say Autumn is the best time to start a cleanse and make any goals you may want to achieve.

You are about 4 months from the new year so you have enough time to get into the swing of your goals and you’ve cleared out the rubbish from you life that taking on a new year doesn’t seem so daunting.

Here are some areas to start the autumn life cleanse.

Mind Makeover 

Its amazing how much the mind stores up and before you know it you have got so many things floating around in your head and you are buzzing, sometimes with unimportant or negative thoughts that weigh you down. So its important that you take the time to clear your mind out of the mundane and negative thinking you might have. Instead of keeping things in your mind clear them out by writing them on a piece of paper and dealing with them or addressing them, don’t let them occupy space in your head.


The Friend/Associate Cleanse

We all need this once in a while and I think this is one of the hardest cleanse to do because who wants to tell someone you view as a friend you don’t want them in your life anymore, or who wants to be the bad guy who keeps turning down invitations when they invite you out. As hard as it may be negative people have a big influence on you. They can bring you down with their negative, angry or unkind thoughts.

Clear Out Clutter

Don’t be a hoarder.  No you won’t need it one day. If you don’t use it now you will never use it.  Surrounding you life with clutter can affect your mental state and even your physical health. Declutter your rooms. Leave the rooms spacious and open and airy and you will start to feel more energised.

Get Good Sleep

You need rest. Your body and mind needs to relax and to be re engerised. Sleep in and don’t feel guilty about it. You work hard you deserve it. Being on the go all the time isn’t good for you and its a proven fact that people work better and are more productive after rest.

Decluttering your life is never easy, but the rewards when you take the time out to do it can reap many benefits.