The School House 

Monday night is a school night for me so the rule is I don’t go out after work and to be in bed by 10.00pm but when my manager suggested a team dinner as we were having a new colleague start I knew I had to be that rebel in the back of the class and break my rule. (A far contrast to the teachers pet I really was in my school days).
The excitement for dinner grew when it was decided that we would be going to the School House for dinner. I mean when I was younger I loved going to school and the School House didn’t disappoint. The restaurant is situated about 10 minutes or less from Clapham Junction and is in a very central place to public transport.

As soon as you enter the nostalgia hits you almost immediately. Wooden tables and chairs that were so uncomfortable it took me back to the days when I used to roller up my school jumper and stuff it under my bum because it was so sore and the tables that were so scratched because kids used to right their names or who loved who at the time.

The menus ⬆were so cool they looked like school books. Ah the good old days. I always aimed to write so neat and tidy in my book so that I would get commendation from the teacher.

The menu itself wasn’t  varied and ranges from burgers to fish and chips.

I finally decided on the Steak Quesadilla with sweet potato fries.

The Steak Quesadilla has jalapeño in it but as I like spice I had to get their ‘killer sauce’ which bragged to be super hot and really was.

The best part for me although I thoroughly loved the decor was the 241 cocktails. The only downside was the free cocktail was the same as the one you pay for. This would be cool is you were with a friend and you could both order 2 different ones and swap one. Cocktails ranged from £8 upwards which wasn’t bad for a 241 considering in some places up London you pay that for 1.

The overall price also wasn’t too bad I think my meal in total came to about 25.00 which isn’t too wild considering its a school night.

The service was I would say an 8 out of 1o. The waitress was pleasant and didn’t mess any of the orders up and was cleaning the table on a regular basis.

All in all for a Monday night out and considering I got home just after 1o not a bad evening but think I’ll ground my self at home till Friday night.

Love the blackboard.

Rating 🍝🍝🍝

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